K-C Weekly News

June 5, 2015. Seriously.

What you really need to know.

  • We had our first Talent Show rehearsal, and let me tell you, you are in for a treat. Thank you so much for preparing your children in advance for individual acts. If you haven't already done so, please provide a CD of any music accompaniment you would like us to play during your child's performance.
  • Several families have inquired when first grade class assignments will be mailed home. You can expect to receive a letter including your child's class list in July.
  • Our ABC countdown continues. We're already through half of the alphabet. Please help prepare your child this week for:
  1. Wednesday - (P) Pajama day.
  2. Friday - (R) Red Sox (or your child's favorite sports team) day.

Mark your calendar.

Friday, 6/12 - August birthday kids celebrate! (Please send a t-shirt if your child has an August birthday)

Tuesday, 6/16 - Kindergarten Talent Show at 4:00 in the performance center

Monday, 6/22 - Portfolio Day and Slide Show 8:45-9:10 in the Kindergarten classroom

Tuesday, 6/23 - Step up day for students! We will have a brief visit with the first grade teaching team together and ask questions about first grade.

Wednesday, 6/24 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, All School Early Release at 12:15

Thursday, 6/25 - They're all yours.

What we've been up to.

  • A real beekeeper visited our class and told us everything we wanted to know about honeybees! We got to see some real honeybees and honeycomb up close, and learned about the many different jobs bees perform as members of a colony. Kind of like kindergarten.
  • We made a list of favorite memories we've created this year and everyone wrote a letter to me telling about their personal kindergarten highlights. We will continue to practice writing friendly letters to the first grade teachers next week. This is a great skill to practice at home this summer. Nothing makes me happier than a letter from a student writer!
  • We had a teacher swap this week! Mrs. Rapp came to K-C to read a story and taught the gang an awesome new game called ZAP!
  • We celebrated summer birthdays for David, Sam and Wesley who will all turn 6 in July.
  • On Mm day, we pulled out all the stops and everybody wore a mustache. Because, why not?
  • We visited the cafeteria to eat a snack and practice punching in our PIN codes.

Links of the week.

Review great than and less than with the fish feeder game!


Try the bug catcher CHALLENGE game. Move the grasshopper to catch the bug and choose the correct number sentence to show the answer:


Fill in the correct vowel to make the "silent E" do its' job:


The things kids say. For real.

Mrs. Cohen: We are getting closer to first grade every day.

Student 1: Isn't it just down the hall? We just walked past it.