Digital Citizenship Project

Jack M., p.3

Rule #1: Be Kind!

Don't try do hurt people on the web. Think twice about every thing you say because if you don't you could really hurt someone

Rule #2: Never give you'r personal information

If you give you'r personal info to someone that you don't know, it can be sent to hackers advertisers and people that will use it for identity theft.

Rule #3: Don't post anything you don't want you'r close ones to see

On social networking, you'r profile is you'r identity, so ever one can see it. If there is something you don;t want you'r loved ones to see, don't post it

Rule #4 Always have you'r parents permission before you do something.

You'r parents know whats best for you. They know what and what not to do online. So, if you ever want to post something, you should get you'r parents permission so you can stay safe.

Rule #5 Don't write cruel or harsh things.

If you ever write cruel or harsh things, you can be counted as a cyber bully. They will do mean things to hurt others and can be charged for personal assault which is a misdemeanor which can get you in to trouble later on.

Rule #6 Always give credit to the author credit.

If you don't give credit, you can be accounted for plagiarism. plagiarism will result in failing the assignment and if you are in college, you can even be kicked out of the school.

Rule #7 Don't take copyrighted ideas without permission

If you take copyrighted ideas, you could be sued and loose a lot of money.

What is digital citizenship and Why is it necessary for everyone to understand and demonstrate digital citizenship?

Digital citizenship is a set of rules that you have to follow on the internet or just on you'r own computer. It is kind of like a set of manners and other rules to keep you safe. It is necessary for every one to follow and understand digital citizenship because if you don't you can hurt other people. If you say things to other people, you can hurt there feelings and ruin somebody's day. You can also get in trouble. If you try to offend someone it can be counted as personal assault which is a big misdemeanor.
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