Beautiful Places

Magical places in Europe

Sweden travel

Sweden is a amazing and beautiful place to travel. There are coastal islands and inland lakes. There are forests were majestic animals live and awesome mountains. This is a great place to travel with your family. You could even live there Sweden is one of the best countries to live at. Sweden has some of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in the world. Sweden is really unknown so there will be less tourism so you will be able to enjoy your vacation more. I hope that will chose to travel there by reading this information.

Norways nature

Norway has awesome nature form glaciers to mountains and even waterfalls. Go see the breathtaking landscapes on a family vacation. Norway is one of the most recomended places for nature attraction. Norway gives you this relaxing and calm feel. In norway the winters are brutle. People that live there go to other countries to be warm. In the summer there are some many people traviling there.

Lithuania government

The Lithuania government is ran by the prime minister witch is the head of government plus 14 other prime minsters. They are in charge of the executes laws and the resolutions of the parliament. They all run the foreign policy of the country. All of the groups apart of the government is responsible for there own part. It takes mandatory votes in it's settings. The government collegiality, democracy,lawfulness, and publicity.