Cantlebary's Cubs' Newsletter

Week of April 11, 2016

Notes from Ms. Cantlebary...

  • I hope everyone had a fabulous Spring Break! It's hard to believe our year is almost over! We still have lots to learn to be ready for second grade. The end of the year is bittersweet as we will say good-bye to one another, but will have so much fun together in our final weeks.
  • This week begins Georgia Milestones testing for third, fourth, and fifth graders. While these tests do not directly affect first grade, some third, fourth, and fifth grade students will be testing along the first grade hallway. We want these students to do their absolute best, so it is very important the Cubs remain silent in the hallways and very quiet in class and other areas in school. Please talk with your child about being quiet and on their best behavior over the next three weeks as students take Milestones tests.
  • Please look for a note in your child's binder about his/her t-shirt size. Please send this note back as soon as possible. Thanks so much!
  • If you and your Cub would like to have a conference with me to discuss their progress this year, please contact me and we will find a time that fits both our schedules.

Spelling Words

List One:

oil, foil, soil, join, coin, point, boy, toy, joy, enjoy

List Two:

spoil, choice, loyal, voice, annoy, destroy, rejoice, voyage, oyster, poison

Practice spelling words here.

Weekly Itinerary


Students continue to receive reading homework. Please make sure your child reads their book every night and returns to school with their book the next day. Don't forget to sign your child's reading log! We will focus on comparing and contrasting the adventures and experiences of characters in a story. We will also read and discuss poetry.

Language Arts

This week we finish our unit on opinion writing. Students finish their book reviews and record their review (like Reading Rainbow). We will begin writing opinion pieces to convince others our garden design will be the best design for Woodland. We will also learn about conjunctions.


Phonics this week will focus on the diphthongs oi and oy (we call them "oi boys"). We continue to review previously taught skills.


We will begin to subtract groups of tens from two-digit numbers. We will also practice mentally finding one less, one more, ten less, and ten more than a given number. At the end of the week we will solve word problems with two-digit numbers.


We conclude our study of plants this week. We will finish our garden blueprints, present them to the judges, reflect on feedback, and discuss improvements.

Our Weekly Reading Strategy

Scoop It Up to Smooth It Out

Improve your reading fluency with this strategy.

Instead of reading each word separately, scoop them up two or three words at a time.

Slide your finger in a scoop under the first few words and read them all in one breath.

Then continue to scoop up words in small groups to make it easier to read smoothly.

Langston Lionceau

Langston spent Spring Break with Ms. Cantlebary. We had a restful and fun Spring Break. We hope you did, too!

Ms. Cantlebary

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