The Egg Tree

by: Avery Calabro

what is The Egg Tree about?

The egg tree is an easter story about two kids that that are waiting for the easter bunny to come. But he does not come at first, but he follows through. He didn't for get. they collected eggs. Carl had twelve eggs and katy had six. they had one problem. What should they do with the eggs? they have an idea they make an egg tree. Every one comes to see it. katy leaves food for the bunny. The easter bunny gave her beautiful eggs so she returns her favor.

about the author!

The author and illustrator of this book is Katherine Milhous. All of her books were set in

philadelphia. In 1940 Lovina her first book appeared. Caldecott awarded The Egg Tree in 1951. When she was younger she did news paper drawings. she died in 1977

what was the author's purpose?

I think The Egg Tree teaches a lesson. The lesson teaches to return your favors.

why did The Egg Tree win the Caldecott award ?

The Egg Tree won the Caldecott award because this book had beautiful illustrations and you could tell what the people in the story were doing just by looking at the pictures. The story has a great plot and theme. This story is also a great children's books.

what is different about this book?

I compared The Egg Tree to The House In The Night. The Egg Tree is a lot more imaginary and The House In The Night is more realistic and serious. the pictures are very different. The pictures in The Egg Tree are very color but in The House In The Night the pictures have a lot of black in white. these two books are very differnt but they are both very good and have won the Caldecott award.