Kindergarten Happenings

December Fun!

STEM and Hour of Code

We've really enjoyed doing STEM activities. One challenge this month was the "Pipe-cleaner Tower". We had to create the tallest tower with just pipe-cleaners.

We participated in an introduction to coding in our Hour of Code. We really enjoyed playing "The Foos".

St. Nicholas Day

There is always excitement for St. Nicholas Day! We leave our shoes out in the hall and wait for that special surprise. Of course we all loved having a "stinky feet" afternoon too!!
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Dylan Rifkin's mom came in and shared with us about Hanukkah. She read a storyand showed the menorah. She brought us each a dreidel and taught us how to play! We had so much fun playing all together!

Thank you Miss Nikki!

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Dentist Visit

Children's Dental of Trappe came to visit and discuss dental health. At the end, everyone wanted to give a big hug!

Measuring and Comparing our Heights

Working on our parent gift was a great opportunity to talk about measurement and comparing heights.

First, we were measured on a 6 ft fence post. After they were cut, we were really able to see the differences in our heights. We had them by our cubbies and stepped back to discuss what we observed.

Our fingerprints made the eyes and mouth.

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Number Talks

We're working hard on thinking about numbers in a new way. We enjoy doing our number talks and we've done them a couple of different ways.

For the picture you see below, I gave them the number 7. We had to think of all the ways we could represent the number 7. Some thought of addition sentences, others thought of 7 objects drawn. We even came up with the date 7/1/15 , with further discussion, we decided we could put July up, as that was representing the seventh month of the year!

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Mystery Readers

Kaden's Nanny came and read us "The Snowman Band of Snowboggle Bend". She brought us a little goodie bag and even did the Hokey Pokey with us!

Connor's mom came in and read "A Bad Kitty Christmas" and we celebrated Connor's half birthday.

Ball Word Brag Tags

We are working so hard on our ball words. Each time we pass a level, we get a tag on our brag tag necklaces. We wear them each time we do ball words.
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Frosted Christmas Trees

Book Exchange

Holiday Party Fun

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Thank you for all you do! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Mrs. Amy Paulhamus

Kindergarten Teacher

Chesterbrook Academy

Collegeville, Pa