Microsoft Excel Workshop

One Seat Available

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One Complimentary Seat for Emaar Hospitality

Course Outlines:

1. Introduction to the Principals of Data Management

2. Performing Calculations

3. Managing Workbook Information

4. Importing Information

5. Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks

6. Working with Data in Lists

7. Filtering Data

8. Using Lookup and Database Functions

9. Working with PivotTables

10. Working with Charts

11. Modifying Chart Options

12. Using Handy Features: FlashFill, Slicer & Sparklines

13. Auditing Worksheets

14. Protecting Worksheets & Workbooks

15. Recording Macros for Task Automation

16. Checking and Printing Information

17. Exporting Documents

Date and Time:

If you are welling to confirm your attendance, please email