2021 Scotts Bluff County Fair

Inside the Building Information

Exhibit Check in Procedure

Before Check-in:
  • Prepare items to make sure they have correct supporting materials and are in the right class. Check out the fairbook below to find this information. Go to http://go.unl.edu/sbcfair to find more info.

Check-in (any time between 2-5:30pm):
  • Bring items to an open table.
  • Go to check-in table to pick up your item tags.
  • Attach item tags and sort items into areas. Volunteers will be there to help you.
  • Sign up to meet with area judges. Sign-up sheets will be at the check-in table.
  • Items from Clothing Day will be checked in at the Clothing table right inside the west overhead door.
  • Wait at your table until you are called to meet with each judge.
If you have items in the wrong class or no item tag there will be a FIX LABEL that will be attached and fixed at check in.

Interview Judging is back in 2021!!

Further questions can be answered

by Area Superintendents and Staff. They are identified with name tags on green lanyards.
Or through the Remind 101 system. To receive and send messages to show staff sign up for the SBC Livestock remind. Text @sbc4hani to 81010 or text 3086312904 and we will add you.

What if I see something that I think can be improved?

Our Static Committee and staff work all year to conduct a top notch fair! We are always looking for more volunteers and new ideas to improve our fair. All suggestions are welcome at the Post Fair Committee. Contact the Extension Office to be notified of the meeting date. Care to Share forms (located in your Family Exhibitor packet) are also a great way to share your ideas and solutions!

Cookie Jar Auction and Parade of Champions (Inside the Building Exhibits)

Cookie Jar Auction and Parade of Champions on Thursday at 5:30pm at the Free Stage. Event order: Parade of Champions, followed by the Cookie Jar Auction.

Are participants making cookies for judging? Yes! 4 different types(one each type for a total of 4 cookies) for senior and 2 different types (one each type for a total of 2 cookies) for junior

Do participants fill their jars with cookies for the auction? Yes, pick up cookie boxes to fill with cookies for the buyer. Seniors (12 years and up) no less than 4 kinds of cookies; Juniors (11 and under) no less than 2 kinds of cookies.

How do I get someone to bid on my Cookie Jar at the Auction? Before the Auction (start now if you have not already!), go to places you do business at and ask the owners/managers to attend the cookie jar auction. Share what 4-H means to you and how you would love their support. Do the same with family and friends!

Potential Cookie Jar

If you are selling a cookie jar, please fill out Cookie Jar Auction form found below. This is due by Monday at noon so we can get it to potential buyers! Thank you!
Cookie Jar Auction Sign Up

Please email jschwartz2@unl.edu with questions!

Code of Conduct

This is a friendly reminder that parents, youth, and volunteers all signed the 4-H Code Of Conduct when they enrolled. Our expectation is that everyone will follow these rules as they will be enforced. Take a minute to review them below.
Member Code of Conduct

Parents and Youth Please Review

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Interview Judging is back in 2021!!

Interview judging is an important part of your Static project even though it is not required. When interviewing with the judge consider taking 5 or less at a time, letting the next person go, and then finish your judging. This may help move the day along for everyone!