Australia and New Zealand

By: Alex Kurowski

Major Historical Events

1. In 40,000 BC- The first Aborigines were recorded to arrive from south-east Asia. By 20,000 BC they have spread throughout the mainland and Tasmania.

2. In 1770- Captain James Cook Charts the east coast in his ship HM Endeavor. Cook claims it as British possession and names eastern Australia "New South Wales".

Major Attractions

1. Some major attractions in New Zealand are the Coromandel Peninsula, which is located in New Zealand, is a white sands beach above a hot spring and behind it is a forest where people look for natural and adventures activities durning the day and next to it is a city known for its gold mining.

2. Bay of Islands: The bay of islands is also located in New Zealand and is the most popular area for yacht sailing and for international fishermen and has around 144 islands and is known for its beautiful sandy beaches.

3. The Great Barrier Reef: The great barrier reef is located on the north east part of Australia and is able to be seen from outer space and you also able to snorkel, dive and sail the area and you can also take helicopter flights over the Reef to see the scenery.

Specialty Foods

1. Salt and Pepper Calamari: It is squid or calamari and it is salt and peppered and deep fried and is servered as a snack and is often with a side salad and dipped in a sweet chili sauce.

2. Tim Tam: It is Australian biscuit and 35 million are sold each year and thats 400 million at 1.7 packages per Australian. It is a chocolate covered with two chocolate biscuits inside with a chocolate filling between both biscuits.

Weather and Temperature

The weather in australia is a very dry climate. The north is a warmer part of Australia because it is a closer area to the equator. The south is a cooler area because it is farther than away from the equator. The average rain fall per year is 600 millimeters. The average temperature in the winter can fall from 64-73 degrees and in the summer it is from 80-104 degrees. In New Zealand, it is a lot like Australia, It is warm in the north and cold in the south. In the winter it falls from 50-60 degrees and in the summer it is around 70-90 degrees.

Travel Information

The recommended method of travel is to fly and it would take you on a non-stop flight around 19 hours and 26 minutes but if you have stops it can be up to two days depending on how long you stop for. The recommended travel to New Zealand is flying it takes around 21 hours 54 minutes to get to New Zealand non-stop.