Global and Local winds

Matthew Ianniello

About Global winds

-The Coriolis effect causes winds traveling north to curve to the east and winds traveling south curve to east.

-Polar easterlies,westerlies,and trade winds are all types of global winds

-Global winds blow in the same direction every day

About Local winds

Sea Breeze-On a hot summer day at the beach, the land heats up faster than the water. The warmer air over land rises, while cooler air over the ocean rushes in to take its place. This wind is called a sea onshore breeze

What causes Local and Global winds

The Coriolis effect causes Global and Local winds to curve the way they do

The similarities and differences of Land Breeze and Sea Breeze

The differences are that in the land breeze is warmer during the day and the sea breeze is colder during the day. The second is that at night the land breeze is colder and the sea breeze is warmer.The third is that land has high pressure and sea has low pressure

Winds make things different

Like making thing swerve to the side