An Exciting Ride

Jaycee Crook

My first plane ride was exciting! It was my second time going to Washington D.C. But, the first time we've flown and the first time I saw my little baby cousins. It was during summer, in June, and was my last day of V.B.S. Around 4 in the afternoon.

When we had gotten to the airport, my grandma had a senior pass so, we got to go in the quick-check security! She stepped behind me too fast and the metal detector beeped. I was scared when they went through my luggage. Nothing was in my bags and we set off to our gate!

Next, we tried to hurry to get lunch because we hadn't eaten all day. I had Chick-Fil-A, and my grandma had Subway. Once we were finished, we got in line. In line, I decided that I was going to sit at a window, by the wing. I wanted to see all of the pretty views. I got my seat and was amazed at all of the people the plane could fit.

As soon as the wheels of the plane left the ground, my feelings jumped. I was scared and happy at the same time! During our flight, I saw beautiful outlines in the cornfield. I just couldn't believe what Texas looked like from the air! I was also excited to see my little cousins!

Finally, we landed at Jefferson Airport. It was a very hard landing because of how it was the shortest runway in the U.S. My face was touching the chair in front of me. After that all happened, we got our bags. It took a while. Then, we got picked up in my Uncle's mini-van. My adventure had just began!

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