Welcome to Earth!

We have many places and things for you to explore!

Our first place I'd like to talk about is the Eiffel Tower

The opportunities of going to the Eiffel Tower are

  • Tourist Exhibits
  • the beautiful view from the Eiffel tower
  • take boat rides around the city

Obstacles with going there

  • Whenever the wind blows the Eiffel tower leans a little [you can barely see it]
  • don't go to the Eiffel tower if you are afraid of heights

Travel Tips

If you don't like water don't come here but it is so beautiful

packing list

  • shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Flip flops/ tenni- shoes
  • sweatshirts
  • yoga pants/ jeans
  • hat/ball cap

Now the Sahara desert

Opportunities for the Sahara desert

  • animals
  • weather
  • villagers
  • people
  • sight

  • Venom-is snakes
  • hot weather
  • no open water around
  • heat stroke
  • death

travel tips

  • venomis snakes
  • camel spitting

Packing list

  • Water bottles
  • Shorts/yoga pants/jeans
  • T-shirts/ long sleeve shirt
  • Tennishoes
  • thick socks
  • sleeping tent/sleeping bag
  • food supply
  • wet wipes
  • toilet paper
  • lip balm
  • sunglasses
  • sweat shirts
  • headache medicine
  • stomach reliever
  • mattress
  • toiletries
  • water
  • sunscreen

Now 3 ways people regionolize the Earth

  1. Country's
  2. Cities
  3. States
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