by Adam

Central Idea!

The Action We Take May Affect Human Communities.


C.S.S. Staff





i. i.r.



My Mentor

Ms. Schricker

News related to Labourers in the UAE

The workers were staying in the al-Mussafah district of Abu Dhabi, an industrial area filled with warehouses, factories and workshops on the outskirts of the capital.

Police said the blaze started early on Friday morning in a car repair shop at the base of a commercial building.

It spread to a two-storey warehouse that had been illegally rented out as accommodation to the labourers and gutted the building before firefighters could extinguish the flames.

Team Building Day

Team building day was so much fun! We did things like Spider's Web with Jack, Lift and Crawl with Trava, River Crossing with Emily, Photocopier with Bablashka, Blindfold with Andy and Hooked On with Amelia.


Our first two mentor meetings went really well. We are actually starting our action on Monday the 4th of May! We are starting with a bake sale to raise money for a special lunch for all of the support staff, followed by an activity with grade 2 and we are going to make name badges for everyone so they aren't known as "Cleaner, Security guy" etc;

My group is...





This week we have finished our first question and after a survey, Marie-Julie will add more in french.
Coca-Cola Hello Happiness

Our profit!

Laila took the money home yesterday and she counted 749.25 aed from the bake sale. I only knew we were at 444.50 at 1st break, 540 at the end of lunch and I lost count at the end of the day!


So far we have finished our bake sale which is our first step towards our main action. So first we raise money to invite the support staff to a special lunch and we are going to buy them gifts and treats for them so they feel better about their job.

Nearly done with our questions! Yay! ^_^

One thing I could change in this school.

If I could change something in this school, it would be the way the students respect all of the cleaning and security support staff. Like how everyone calls other people by their name. Some people know the C.S.S. by cleaner or security guard dude. I would like to change that in our school and the fact no one offers to help the cleaners clean what we made a mess of, for example the mess we create during break and lunch and the water we spill in the corridor.

Learner Profile

During this exhibition so far our group has always been open-minded because everyone listens to everyone and lets them give their opinion, we have also been risk-takers in a way because we hardly used to talk to each other (I mean just Laila and Marie-Julie to me, because Laila and Marie-Julie are best of friends), and we experiment with whatever works out to form the best and so far it has been fantastic!


I changed my attitude about my perspective of the way people treat the C.S.S. staff and how they respect them.

I became more aware of the work the C.S.S. staff do to help our school society become a better place for the students and teachers.

I was surprised about how many students thought that us students of the Uptown school community didn’t need the C.S.S. staff.

I felt extremely unhappy after hearing what everyone said, not the fact that they thought like that but how I would feel if I were them and heard this.

I related to the C.S.S. staff with my feelings and the best thing as a group Marie, Laila and I could do was make them feel special about their jobs and possibly go home this weekend smiling.

I demonstrated empathy by making their life in Dubai as special as we could because they mostly came here to earn money for themselves and their family.