SVMS May Update

Finish Strong!

This has become the mantra in my household and bet it has become the same for others. We are ALMOST at the finish line, but have a couple of really great events to complete before the school year is over. Hang in there, Eagles! Summer is coming!

Dates to know:

April 30th, 4:00: Battle for the Paddle-track. Snowie for concessions.

May 6th-10th: Teacher appreciation week

May 17th: Field trips for 6th and 7th, 8th grade celebration for 8th, Snowie available for student purchase.

May 20th-26th: Charlie's Car Wash Fundraiser

May 29th: Talent Show, Snowie available for student purchase.

Battle for the Paddle, Track on April 30th at 4:00 in back parking lot

If you have never been able to attend a Battle for the Paddle attend this one. We have a huge student presence representing our Eagles and they are so much fun to watch!

We have invited Snowie KC to be there for student and family purchase as well. Their snowie cones range anywhere from $3-$5. They take cash and cards. Hope to see you there!

May 6th-May 10th Teacher Appreciation week!

We know them. We love them. Now it's time to show our appreciation!

Teacher appreciation week is May 6th-May 10th. First up, a big thanks to Shannon Harris for organizing this week!

We will be starting the week with Chips and Salsa, gifting them with cookies on Tuesday, providing some breakfast treats midweek, delivering snacks and drinks on Thursday and grilling dogs and nachos on Friday!

Here is the sign up genius for the donations we are looking for:

Really busy this week, but love our teachers and would rather donate another way? Send it through the square!

Thank You Notes for SVMS Staff

Want to know what the #1 requested teacher appreciation gift is? Nope, not an apple mug! A note of appreciation from families and/or students!

The PTSA will have some preprinted thank you notes available to students to fill out during the week by Mrs. Kroge's desk if they would like to contribute. If you want to send in a note as well you can have your student bring it in to the teacher or leave it with Mrs. Kroge and we will make sure they make it to the right person!

Teacher's Favorites List

Ever wanted to thank your teacher and wondered what their favorite animal, drink, snack, place, restaurant is? Have we got the list for you! We have tabulated their responses and have them for your viewing pleasure. A couple of the ones below made me smile.

Favorite animal? An eagle, right? Nope, not one teacher answered like that. Apparently, we are a overwhelmingly dog friendly school.

Favorite place? Target! That's my kind of teacher!

Favorite restaurant? Rancho Grande! Right there with you!

Check out their answers and use them for good! They are alphabetized.

SVMS Goes on a Field Trip, May 17th

If you have a sixth or seventh grader at SMVS they will be going on a field trip on May 17th. Look for permission forms to come home soon.

I haven't heard definitively, but last year the sixth grades went to Science City and the seventh graders toured Kauffman and Arrowhead.

I got to go on the sixth grade field trip last year and those kids ate it up. Not sure if they told you how much fun they had, but when the lights went down in the planetarium they ooohed and aaahed like they had never seen anything like it!

And when my seventh grader went to Kauffman she got to see Ned Yost, and not on the Jumbo screen. She was pretty excited for a kiddo who didn't actually follow the Royals that much until they hit the big time!

These field trips are where a big chunk of your PTSA funds go to. The kids always have a blast and are pretty excited to be out of the traditional school environment as well.

Be on the look out for communication about the field trips from Mrs. Mullen!

8th graders Take Control of the School, May 17th!

While the sixth and seventh grades are away, the eighth graders will play!

There will be black lights. There will be gigantic bubbles. There will be over sized games. There will be inflatables.

Parents are invited to bring their student lunch and eat with them to celebrate their 8th grade year!

Snowie KC will also be there for purchase by the students and parents. The prices range from $3-$5 a cup.

Also, the 8th grade dance is the same night at Heritage Middle School. All 8th graders are invited. The dance is usually 7:00-9:00, but has not been decided yet. Watch your communication from Mrs. Mullen to be sure!

Last Fundraiser of the year, Charlie's Car Wash May 20-26

Okey doke, Eagles. Here's your last fundraiser of the year!

I know, I know. We're all chugging away trying to get through the last of the year, but I really wanted to see if this fundraiser would be of value to our families. You can show up in person OR purchase a wash during that time to be used at a later date. It sounds like a win win to me!

We will be running this fundraiser from May 20th-May 26th. If you are going in person be sure to show them the flyer or a picture of the flyer on your phone. They must be able to scan the personalized bar code at the bottom of the paper in order for us to get credit.

Or if it is easier go online at and use the promo code SVMS!

Percentage back to school-Washes must be purchased at full prices for us to get a percentage back, this is the amount coming back to SVMS.

Signature wash: $10 BACK TO SCHOOL

Ultimate wash: $8 BACK TO SCHOOL

Super wash: $6 BACK TO SCHOOL

Basic wash: $4 BACK TO SCHOOL

Hope to see you there!

Big picture

May 29th, Talent Show and Snowie KC visit

May 29th is the talent show and is also the day that all students will have the ability to purchase Snowie Snow cones if they want to. Snow cones are $5, $4, and $3 respectively.

Color Run #3 Coming Up September 27th!

Save the date! The Eagles will be having another Color Run next year on September 27th. We will communicate out the online sign up as soon as we have it. As always, we will be looking for parent help that day so be sure to put us on the calendar!

PTSA loves to hear from you!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to email us at anytime! We love to have feedback!