Great Land Great Place

First settlers

The first settlers came to Massachusetts in 1620 aboard the Mayflower in search of religious freedom.

Massachusetts Bay Colony

You won't have to work so hard because we allow slaves!!

Great Education- great land, great place

In our colony we have one of the first schools in the new worl Harvard University est. 1636.


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Great Land

In the Massachusetts Bay Colony, we have rivers, ponds, plains, and lakes. We also have many rocks. Our winters are very cold, and we have warm summers. The fall is very long. The Atlantic Ocean makes the coast warm during spring and summer, and there is a good amount of rain for farming. There are a lot of fish in the ocean and ponds.
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Great Food- great land, great place

In our colony, we have many chickens for you to cook up for meals, or to have eggs for breakfast. We have numerous ducks and geese, so you will never have a shortage of food. A favorite drink of our colony is milk.

Great Jobs

In our colony we have many jobs including farming, fishing, cooking and woodcutting. We also have many people who work as overseas merchant to export and import products from and to England. You wlll never have to worry about getting work in Massachusetts.

Famous People

Many famous people have grown up in Massachusetts Bay Colony such as Paul Revere, John Hancock and Crispus Attucks.
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Sorry. We don't allow religious freedom.

We Are Self-governing

We are a self-governing people who don't have to listen to Britain. We have our own laws that are fair and not unjust like the laws of England. We elect our own legislative body and we are governed by a charter.
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