Lewis Nixon

By Evan Keck and Breydon Maggio

What did he make?

He invented the sonar for navel architect so they could detect rocks under water.
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When was here born?

He was born on April 7, 1861.
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Who was he married to?

He was married to Sally Wood.
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What was his job?

He was in the navy.

When he died

Now you know a lot about Lewis Nixon.
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Why did he build it?

He built it it so he could get a higher rank.
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Did he have a brother/sister?

He did have a brother and his name was Richard Nixon.

Were did he live?

He lived in New York!
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What did he do.

He supervised something on his 40th birthday.
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when he was born

He was born the eve of the Civil War.
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Did he have a son/daughter

He had a son that was named Stanphone Wood Nixon
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What else did he do?

He went to crescent shipyard.
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