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Week Beginning Monday 16 November

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Moodini and her winning ribbon!

Congratulations to Amy and her industrious team for bringing home the winning Picasso Cow! It certainly added some excitement to our week! If you didn't get to see the Win News interview I have attached the link above for you to watch.

Well done and thank you teachers for ensuring classes understood the reverence of our Remembrance Day assembly. Students were exceptionally respectful and this was notices and commented on by parents. In preparation for Wednesday's Art Assembly could you please remind students what they are capable of reinforce the need for a quiet entry to the assembly and the need for whole body listening.

Thank you to teachers who have started to pass on their reports for editing. A reminder to have a buddy read through them first before passing them on to your report leader. This year our general comment will comment on overall learning for the year, any areas in need of consolidation and areas of concern. Please use your work count wisely and not fall back into old habits of using superfluous adjective and platitudes e.g. " it has been a pleasure to teach XXXXXX and we wish him all the best for 2017'.

If you haven't yet had the chance take a minute to watch the you tube clips that Jan has shared from her PL on Dyslexia.

Don't forget to add your name to Karen's lists for the end of year dinner:

End of Year Staff Dinner

Friday 11th Dec

Mystery Bus tour with a meal.

Numbers must be confirmed by Nov 11 RSVP to Karen, partners are welcome. $20 deposit per person to confirm your seat.

Limited numbers. I dare you to come and have some fun..

Have a great weekend and week.



LIL B4 Playgroup

Jacquie Lethborg swapped with Jen Radford

Peter Habel - T20 - Brad Ralph

Jane Upson - NCCD - Fiona Beament


Jane Upson - PL - Fiona Beament

Grade 6 Transition Visit - PAC 11-00 am to 12-00 am

Staff Meeting - Report Writing

The Arts Afternoon - we will be calling students out for a practice during the afternoon


LIL – Book Fun 9-10 am

Lunch - Dance Fever Practice

The Arts Afternoon - PAC - Whole School 1-45 pm to 3-00 pm


Briefing 8.25 am

Jen Radford - PL - Bronwyn Jamieson

P & F Casual Clothes Day

Staff meeting - Report Writing


Jen Radford swapped with Jacquie Lethborg

ESK Band Members to Concert Practice - Julie Keddie Gray 9-15am to 1-45 pm

The Arts Afternoon

- We will require to practice with each group and they will be called to the PAC Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning

- Please speak with your class about their whole body listening and respectful assembly manners on the day

- We will have an early lunch and advise details on the day

- Further detail will be given to you by Wednesday

Sheena Cameron and Louise Dempsey

Sheena Cameron will be conducting a PL day on Developing an Effective Writing Program in Hobart on Saturday 19 March 2016 from 9-00 am until 1-00 pm. Please let Helen know if you would like to attend asap as this session will fill very quickly.


3 Tulk

Respectful Schools

Please do not use photocopied or old style canteen vouchers for students as it makes it difficult for Deb to know if the vouchers are genuine.

Mystery Bus Tour

We need to finalise numbers for our Mystery Bus EOY dinner by Wednesday. Please let the office and the deposit of $20 must be paid at the same time.

Volunteers Morning Tea

We will be holding our Volunteers morning tea on Tuesday 1 December. Could you please advise Helen of any volunteers/visitors you have had to your classes no later than MONDAY afternoon

Learning Plans

A reminder for those people contacted by Jane, their IEP's that require updating need to be completed by the end of week 3.


Please keep updating your PDPs as we will be meeting early in the term to sign off evidence and reflect on goals.

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dyslexia syptoms
test of dyslexia