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Do you ever get tired of walking?

Well you should get a hover board they are the new self balancing rides.

Come in today and buy one and their also buy one get one free!!

Plus you will get a two year guarantee!!.

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It is very fun and you can do any tricks,like spin in circles.

You can go up to about 12 mph and when your mom needs something from the store you can go get it with the hover board.

How the hover board works

when you first get on the hover board your going to be quite nervous but after you get the hang of it its going to make you wanna slap your momma,but to move the hover board you have to lean forward, to move back you have to lean back, and to turn you put pressure on that foot that you want to turn.

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How about you come in today and get one for you can be the first one around your neighborhood and its buy one get one free.You will also see this ad all over television and the newspapers.So be watching out because we might have some great deals.