Week #1 WAS GREAT! August 24, 2018

This Week's Recap....

We truly had a marvelous first week of school. Thank you all for taking the time to read all of the literature from school and applying it. The students have been wonderful and everything about our first week has been extremely positive.

Teachers have spent a majority of this week teaching procedures and reviewing policies and expectations. This truly is the most important thing that teachers ca do in the first week or so of school.

Each student was given a green folder for home school communications. Please make sure that you are looking for and checking the folder every Friday and any other day that it is sent home, starting today.

The BEST thing that happened this week...

was our OPENING CHAPEL! The energy was contagious.

This is how we welcomed our new teachers

The biggest problem we have had this week is....


As you can imagine, it is very difficult in the first couple of weeks of school for teachers who do not yet really know our student's families to know who is and who is not permitted to remove a child from school. We rely 100% on the information that you have provided to us when you registered your child. We do check this and we will not release a child to anyone who is not on the list. If we do not recognize the individual, we will ask for identification. As I write this email, Mrs. Sejba is dealing with exactly this problem at the front counter.

This week we have had several situations occur because parents sent someone who was not on the list . Or they sent someone that we did not know, we had to ask for identification and they did not have any with them. This causes a back-up in the parking lot as you can imagine, and it also causes bad feelings. Please make sure that your pickup list is accurate and up to date. If you are sending someone who is not on the list, please call or send an email to well in advance of dismissal. Let us know if it is just for the day or if the person should be added. Or you can always get in touch with me.

The second issue involves the many buses that now seem to be coming to pick children up. Last year we had three. This year, we have 6 so far. It is extremely important that we have accurate information about what children go on which bus and when. And, it is important the bus drivers know what time to pick up the students. Please stay in close touch with us if there are any changes.


Renweb is our school management system. For parents, this is the place to check on grades and homework. We provide this to parents at great cost and we want you to use it. If you are not familiar with how to logon and use it, please get in touch with us and we will help you. Do not let your child's grades or progress be a surprise to you when it becomes time for midterm progress reports or report cards. Also on Renweb you will find the daily lunch and an accounting of your child's absences and tardies. You can pick up instructions for Renweb in the office.

And Speaking of Tardiness

Because it was the first week of school, we have not marked anyone tardy that was here by 8:30AM. Next week, we will begin following our regular schedule on Monday and we will be marking students late and giving them tardy slips if they arrive at school after 8:15AM.

Please begin the school year with the habit of being on time. While everyone may experience a problem from time to time, the students who are regularly tardy are missing out and it also is a disruption in the classroom as the teacher has to stop and take care of morning business with the tardy student.

Coming to school early and breakfast

If you drop your child off to school before 7:20 and the door is open, your child must come into Room 17. For safety reasons, we cannot have students supervised at school either before school or after school. Please do not tell your child to try and wait outside unsupervised.

So far, everything is going well at breakfast. Our staff and volunteers have it well under control and we appreciate them very much!

What's Coming Up?

Volleyball Schedule to be provided shortly

Sunday, August 26
: Installation of New Teachers and Re-dedication of Veteran Teachers

Worship begins at 10:30AM. Sunday School and Bible Study for all ages is at 9:15AM.

Monday, August 27: Praise Group Try-outs #2. 3:30-5:00PM in the Church

Monday, September 3: Labor Day, No School or OOS

Tuesday, September 4: PTL Rally Night! 6PM. More information to follow but please be part of the fun as the PTL kicks off our school year.

Friday, September 7: Cherrydale Farms Farms Fall Sale Kick-off. Your students will come home with their fall sale packet on this day

Thursday, September 13: Back to School Night, 4th thru 8th Grade 6:30PM

Tuesday, September 18: Back to School Night PK thru 3rd Grade 6:30PM

Big picture

Middle School Parents...

Please click on the link below to read about the latest crazy "challenge" that is spreading through our country. It is important to be educated about the things our students may be hearing about or reading about. It is worth a discussion at home.

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