By Corinne Carter

Year they joined the eu

Croatia applied to the EU in 2003 I got excepted to the EU 2013 after waiting for 10 years to join

History of Croatia

For Croatia started as a single country and then became part of Yugoslavia in 1918 In June 1991 Croatia declared themselves independent.on October 8, 1991 Croatia declared a war for independence for four years they fought.

Where is Croatia

Where is Croatia located

Croatia is located in the southern east part of Europe its borders the Ardic sea near Bosnia, here govina,and Slovenia

What the flag means

The stripes on the flag are based on the pan slave colors .There is a coat of arms based on the checkerboard within tiny coats of arms to form a crown with other countries inside.

Capital and 4 other major cities

Zagreb is the capital and the 4 other major cities are split,sins,pula,zadar

Tourists attractions

The most tourists attractions are the island they have 1246

Geography of Croatia

Croatia is made up mostly of low land but some parts are mountains and beaches

Government type

The government type of Croatia is a pulmonary democracy.

Currency type

They use the Kuna before they used to be euro and 2011.