Wrapping Up

Our Kindergarten year coming to a close..

Dear Parents,

Wow. I can hardly believe the year is over! We crammed so much learning and fun into 9 short months and it just flew by! I can’t even articulate how much I have appreciated all of you during this year. First of all, thank you for entrusting your sweet babies to me. I’ve really enjoyed building relationships with all of you, and wish we’d gotten to see each other more often! Thank you to all of you that sent in the donations and supplies that I asked for, because I know I asked for a lot over the course of the year! But you were all so generous and supportive! Thank you to all of the parents that were able to come in and help and to join us for class parties and on the field trip. And to those parents that weren’t able to make it in, thank you for loving and supporting us from afar!

Each student in our class had something truly special to offer and they all played an integral part in the makeup of our class. I love each of your children so very much, and all for different reasons! I’m so proud to think back to the beginning of the year and to see the individual gains that EACH child has made this year. They are all such smart kids and have developed their own strengths and special personalities.

My goal this year was to teach your child about the importance of school, but even more so, that learning is fun! And with your help, my goal was to create lifelong learners that will love school and stay hungry for knowledge. I hope to have accomplished that.

It was my pleasure to work with your kids this year, and I will always, always remember my first class, a little more than the rest! I hope to see a lot of younger siblings coming through my class in the future!

I will consistently check my email throughout the summer, so feel free to get ahold of me that way. I do have some trips and things planned for this summer, but I would love to get the chance to see t-ball games, lemonade stands, swim meets, musicals, VBS programs, etc., so please email me an invitation and I’ll do my best to make it! I’d also love to be a pen pal with your kiddo this summer, so feel free to email me for my mailing address and we can exchange letters! (I have also had some parents ask about Facebook… and I wouldn’t mind accepting friend requests now that your kiddos aren’t in my class anymore! :) )

One of the things that your child brought home in their bag is a summer homework packet. We talked about the importance of keeping our brains strong and sharp! Please encourage your kiddos to work on these skills or do SOMETHING to keep their brains exercised for 1st grade! I even promised them a prize if they brought their packet back to me complete at the start of the school year!

Enjoy your summer, and please, please stay in touch!

Thanks for the best first year I could have ever asked for!



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One last video from the end of the year!

End of the Year!!