Gay Marriage

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Why is Gay Marriage an Issue?

Gay marriage was first legalized in the state of Massachusetts on November 18, 2003. More recently, the Supreme Court ruled to make gay marriage legal in the whole country on June 26, 2015. The world was full of joy and seemingly more with controversy after this was made official. Why does something that seems like it would benefit more than harm cause so much controversy? Many reporters base their information off of their own opinion, or off of Americans who might be affected by this new law due to their opinion and/or religion.

Perspective 1

An article by Robert Barnes has many sources saying things about the decision to make gay marriage legal. Scalia, A Republican of the US Supreme Court, called the decision a "threat to American democracy," saying it robs citizens of "the freedom to govern themselves" The Supreme court was very divided due to the equal amount of Democrats and Republicans. But the final decision was obviously to follow through with legalizing gay marriage.

Perspective 2

President Obama is another very opinionated person on this topic. He is clearly very proud of the final decision. He announced that the legalization of gay marriage has "made our union a little more perfect." Obama, being a liberal democrat, would naturally be for this decision. He has been a long time supporter of legalizing gay marriage. On the day of the legalization, Obama said "Sometimes there are days like this when that slow and steady effort is rewarded with justice that arrives like a thunderbolt."

Media Bias

The US Media tends to go more towards the pro-gay marriage side of the situation. When the legalization was official. News companies like CNN were very thrilled and reported on all the joy in the country. However, Fox News reported on both sides of the situation. They reported on how all people, democrats republicans, etc., reacted to the situation. Overall the reports were generally positive in showing how gay couples around the country rejoiced when the news was announced.

Cultural Criticism

From a cultural perspective, gay marriage is seen in many different ways. As a republican Christian, you would not see gay marriage as the right answer because of what the Bible states. Being a homosexual democrat, you will obviously see gay marriage as a good thing, using the argument that it unites the country and the people in it. There are 2 very opposing sides on gay marriage and there always will be. This is primarily based on political views and religion.