cameron & kareem

About Bully

Have you ever seen a commercial about a group of people encouraging kids to stand up against bullying,but then you just shrug and change the channel?We've all seen people bullying,it often starts by just simple teasing and both people find it funny. Then it becomes very hurtful and continuous it becomes bullying. some say that they do it for no reason, but that's not true, they bully because they don't want to be bullied themselves.Bullying hurt people feeling badly, and threat other people too.

how to stop it.........

well the everyone knows that you should tell a teacher if see bulling or if your are getting bullied. But half of the time people don't even think about actually doing something and just lie about doing it. Little do they know that this is a wide spread deal they're talking about. Anyways if it's cyber-bullying though you should instantly respond to the principal of your school. so "STOP BULLYING, SPEAK UP!".