Mexico City!!!!!

By Brooklyn and Danny. Hope you enjoy

Mexico City

The population of Mexico City is 8.851 MILLION and the Mayor is Miguel Angel Moncera.

More Interesting Facts about Mexico City!!!

Kilgore,Tx is 1,188 miles from Mexico City. The tourist attractions are Guanajuarto, Copper Canyon,Cozumel,Los Cabos,Tulum, and Chicken Itza. Some famous people are Lupita Myongo = Actress. Frida Kahalo = painter.

Sport Teams and When was Mexico City founded

Soccer is the Favorated sport in mexico. The teams for Mexico City is Los Pumas,Cruz Azul,and Club America. Mexico City was founded on August 13,2014.

Buildings and Landscape of Mexico City

There are

  • Big new colorful buildings
  • old buildings (some are big)
  • And most of the Big Buildings are oddly shaped
The Landscape is

  • Bright and colorful at night (like vegas)


Some animals in and around the city are Peacocks,White Tigers,and Lions

Foods, Climate, and Temperature

Popular foods are

  • Quesadillas, Tacos,Tamales,and Enchiladas

The Climate

  • Summer is mild and rainy, Dry Winters,and Moderate Seasonality
The Temp. is 70*F

Closest bodies of water and cities

The closest bodies of water are, to the west is the Pacific Ocean,and to the east is the Gulf of Mexico.

The closest cities are, to the north Tula Actopan, and the closest City to the South is Cuernavaca