Grades 3-5

November 10, 2014

Wow! I cannot believe that it's November, and that we have already moved into the second half of the semester! This year is flying by so quickly!!!



Third graders have really enjoyed our unit on patterns - not only were they introduced to Willy Function ( our resident "function machine"), they created their own function tables for their classmates to solve - and the level of difficulty was extremely high! These students love a challenge, and it's so exciting to work with them as they navigate through problem solving! On Wednesday, students will be assessed on their knowledge of patterns; this will include functions ( input / output patterns) and multiplication patterns including multiplying by tens and hundreds. Then, we will continue to explore the concept of multiplication and division as students learn a variety of methods to multiply problems up to 1 digit by 4 digits, and 2 digits by 2 digits. We will also work on division facts and concepts.

Fourth grade students are quickly becoming fraction experts as they have explored equivalent fractions, comparing and ordering fractions, and adding and subtracting fractions. They have loved reading and solving problems from Fabulous Fraction Stories, a book that contains funny, but extremely rigorous problem solving experiences! On Wednesday, students will be tested on their knowledge of fraction concepts, as well as their understanding of perimeter and volume. Next, we will investigate patterns, algebraic thinking, and data.

Fifth graders have been learning all about the "language" of algebra - and we are working toward becoming fluent speakers! It has been exciting to see them explore this concept in a variety of ways, including using Hands On Equations, to model equivalent expressions and find the value of an unknown variable. We will test over this unit on Wednesday, then begin a study of ratio and proportions that will continue over the next several weeks.


Our third and fourth graders have really been "keeping the end in mind" as they have been completing components of their projects. It is so exciting to see their enthusiasm and pride as they share high quality products with their classmates! Both 3rd and 4th graders are creating brochures for their research projects, so this week, Mrs. Schoener or I will work with each student to help them revise and edit their drafts. When finished, these drafts will be used as the main body of the brochure. Students have many options when creating their brochures - they can use publisher, a student created template or any other type of tool that they choose. Students might want to consider using the Smore site that Mrs. Schoener and I use for our newsletters. Anyone can sign up for free and create up to 5 flyers without having to pay a fee. Because these flyers are public, students would have to be sure not to include any personal information on the flyer, such as their name. The great thing about the Smore site is that it is so easy to include links, pictures, and text - then it can be emailed to any number of people. I can always print the flyers in color so that students can have a hard copy to display, but they can also show their flyer on a netbook, as well when presenting.