HItler how he got to power

Germany have lost world war 1 war guilt. Germany had to disarm there army navy and the air force, they also had to give away there land witch is called cede land.

Then there was this guy called Adolf Hitler who started getting involved with politics and when he started to get into the politics the country was in a great depression. Whilst he was in politics he was constantly talking about how his going to change or over turn Germany so the German people can back on there feet. He promises to

rebuild the army he also promised how he was going to rebuild Germany's roads businesses and to help the German farmers to get the money they lost over the years.

Hitler also to promises to destroy communism and expand into the soviet and to also create living space for the Germans.


By 1923 Hitler was the leader of the Nazi part. With inflation running high, Hitler thought its was the time to seize Germany. Hitler wanted to start with the capital of Bavaria, Berlin.


When Hitler became in power he wanted only the Germans that had blond hair and blue eyes. In 1933 shortly after he became in power he went to a disarmament conference whilst he was there they had a decision about everybody disarming but Britain and France say na , so then Hitler decides to go and rearm to since no one else wants it peacefully and that's how world war two started cause Hitler asked them for peace they refused. and that how Hitler came into power.