RCS Faculty News and Notes

April 2015

ELA and Math Rehearsal Dates and Info

Rehearsal for the ELA test will be Friday, April 10th at 9 AM.

Rehearsal for the Math test will be Friday, April 17th at 9 AM.

Need info about practice test and test plans here.

Expeditionary Learning - June Training

Training Dates in June are Wednesday, June 24th and Thursday, June 25th.

Need info about the training, requirements for signup, beginning and ending times, prep prior to the training, etc.


When do we start them?

When are they due?


Homework Clarification

Questions about Elite Clubs (Boys/Girls on the Run, Band) - clarification might be helpful

Important Dates for the end of the year!

Emergency Drill Day!

Field trips

Chorus programs

6th grade graduation

Etc., etc.