"I got a mallet for Christmas"

By Maddie Sheedy

Lost Childhood

As many know, an average working day for an average working man is 8-12 hours. Their pay is maybe $450 a year, and they go home at night satisfied from a good days work. Now, double the hours, divide the pay in eighths, and think about going home to sleep in an alley. That is the life of a child who is working.

Many factories and businesses hire children under the age of six to start working in their factories. These children are worked close to 20 hours a day in dangerous, unsanitary environments. The 1890 census revealed that more than one million children, ten to fifteen years of age, worked in America. This is sad because when a child should be learning and growing their basic skills, children under the working age are stuck in a mill or factory trying to sustain a life.

Just the Facts

  • Many parents of these working children rely on their child's wage to sustain their lives
  • In 1870, the first U.S. census to report child labor numbers counted 750,000 workers under the age of 15
  • Last year's census report (1911) showed that more than 2 million children are working
  • Many children have died from the dangerous machinery that their are told to work on
  • Since the conditions are so unsanitary, some children have grown to have mental illnesses and defects due to the extensive time spent in the factories
  • Children working in the mines have died due to the inaccessibility of clean oxygen

How to Help

As an American, it is your job to make sure that every child, woman, and man is cared for. To stop this madness, you must first be informed. Tell your friends, family, and anyone else who would be able to take a stand. There should be laws. The government does not know about this, and they should. Bring this to everyone's attention and we as a whole can ban this from being able to happen. These children need you. Start clubs, write articles, and spread the word. America should be returned to it's former glory.