Community and Stakeholders

Just how important are they?

Importance of Community and Stakeholders

A stakeholder can include anyone involved or in connection with the education community. Stakeholders and the community supports the education infrastructure. It is through the community and stakeholders that schools and students in education receive helpful benefits. These benefits can include donations made to students through local church programs that help children with school supplies, clothing, and food. Some schools receive donations through local businesses to improve a technical program like auto technology and collision repair. This builds a collaborative bridge that in the long run helps support the local economy. Sometimes donations of new, or slightly used books can be made to the school's library. This offsets the high cost of new books, especially when there may not be funds available in the budget for the library to replenish damaged or lost books. Community is important in order to improve student learning. Stakeholders are equally important to the success of all learners. This includes the teachers, librarians, students, to the employees working in the lunchroom all are involved and invested in the goal to help each student achieve the goal of being a life-long learner.

Ways to Involve Stakeholders

  • Make use of surveys and analyze data
  • Encourage one on one communication
  • Get input from as many as you can when planning goals
  • Keep stakeholders up to date

The video below is a great resource on engaging stakeholders and the community.

Engaging Stakeholders