Theater Integration

Using Theater to Make History Come Alive

The Problem

  • Not every student likes history
  • Many students do not like lectures
  • Many students do not see why they should study some old, dead, white males

Incorporating Theater

  • Incorporated theater into the four US history classes
  • Students performed skits based on assigned readings and created talk shows and played the role of historical figures involved in different civil rights movement events

Research Questions

Data Collection

  • Had the students complete a preliminary survey about their opinions of history
  • In the Civil Rights Unit had the students complete a pre and post test to measure content retention
  • In the Civil Rights


    I had the students complete a pre and post survey about their knowledge of the different perspectives within the event to measure change in knowledge of social perspectives
  • After the intervention the students completed a survey with their overall opinions of the use of theater


  • Most students seemed to enjoy theater
  • Most students liked the hands-on learning
  • Some found speaking in front of the class and doing group projects stressful