Survival Plan

Anna Corry 2014-2015


Teachers at North are awesome. When you walk into the classroom, they always have a smile and say "Hi". This makes me feel welcomed, and I am ready to learn!


On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have clubs where you can play football outside or you might have four square in the gym. Library club is where you can do homework. The Board games club is where you can play chess or card games.

Dismissal time

You are probably used to getting released at 3:05, but in middle school you get released at 3:20. We have more classess. They are core classes.electives,clubs and the passing periods.

Passing period

When it's time to get released from your class, make sure you don't talk to your friend too much so you won't be late. Don't dilly dally or you won't be the first one in the class. It's better to be early than it's to be late.


I think it's important to be organized for 6th grade. You don't want to lose important classwork or get your Responsibility Grade knocked down. I suggest using a folder for each class. If you know where everything is, you have less stress.