Kid's Omnivore's Dilemma!!

Now includes real life examples from our readers! By:Ananya


We had some of our readers choose one of the helpful tips that Micheal Pollan wrote on the back of his book and try them out to see if it benefits their lives. So we have actually got some letters back from the readers that did them. We have four examples right here for you from our readers. We have one from Ananya who is 13 years old and lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We also have one from Arjun who is 12 years old and lives in Bismark, North Dakota. Also, we have one from Neha who is 13 years old and lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Finally, we have one from Aatish who is 14 years old and lives in Baltimore, Maryland.


Hey, guys, it's Ananya! So I tried out your challenge for Omnivore's Dilemma and it was way more fun and helpful than I thought it would be. So the tip that I chose eat anything with more than 5 ingredients, or with ingredients that you don't recognize.

So in the morning for breakfast, I had bread with Nutella. There weren't many ingredients in the Nutella but they were really unhealthy, lots of sweets. I haven't eaten Nutella since that day.

For lunch, I had Bhujia and roti. Bhujia is basically fried eggs and vegetables. So since there isn't a lot of ingredients in Bhujia itself, I checked the ingredients for the eggs. I knew what all of the ingredients were so that was good. Also for the roti, there weren't that many ingredients. The only ingredients there are the flour and water, and then I have to cook it on the stove.

Finally, for dinner, I had polau, which is yellow rice mixed with vegetables. So there aren't many ingredients to go and find, so I just ate my dinner.

Now for the snacks. I had basketball classes today so I had a banana in between lunch and dinner, and an apple in between breakfast and lunch. So I decided that I deserve a snack that is unhealthy, so I got ice cream. I looked at the ingredients and recognized all of them so I ate my ice cream happily.

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Hey, it's Arjun! So I tried out your Omnivore's Dilemma challenge and it turned out to be way more helpful than I thought and that was really cool because I feel more happy and healthy already! So the tip that I chose was Try not to eat alone. So I just chose it to start off because I didn't now what it would feel like, so I tried an easy one. So I usually would be in a rush to go to school or eat lunch or dinner because I would have to do homework or go to classes, so I don't usually eat with like my mom or dad or little brother.

So for breakfast, I ate with my dad because he was getting ready for office, so I asked him to eat together and he was like sure. So we ate together, and it was actually more fun. For lunch, I was at school and ate with my friends, for lunch it wasn't that much of a difference because I do it every day, but I talked a little more today and I knew more about what is happening in my friend's lives. For dinner, I usually might eat with my brother, but this time, I ate with my brother and dad while my mom was in the middle of a meeting so I couldn't eat with her. It actually did make a difference in my life because I feel more happy and open.

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Hey, it's Neha! I tried out the Omnivore's Dilemma challenge and it turned out as a success. Since I wasn't sure at first how it would turn out, I tried an easy one which was to cook. I usually don't cook my food, but I tried it and it was really fun. For breakfast, I had an omelet. I decided to try out something easy, and while I tried making the omelet, I asked my mom to supervise because I wasn't exactly sure how it would turn out and with a little bit of help from my mom, it turned out pretty well! For lunch, I had and roti, I made the roti, but I helped my mom cook the because it was a little tough for me. For dinner, I had mixed sabzi with roti (yeah I eat roti a lot). So I helped my mom make the sabzi but I made the roti that I ate.

So that challenge was fun, and not as hard. I might try to do another one which is a little bit more challenging.


Hey, it's Aatish! I tried the Omnivore's Dilemma challenge and it turned out pretty well. I thought that I would be a wreck, but I wasn't. So the challenge that I chose was, don't eat anything your great-grandma won't recognize as food. So I thought that I wouldn't really do that well in this one but I decided to give it a shot. It turned out pretty well.

For breakfast, I had a parantha. Which is basically roti but it is cooked more and with some vegetables in it if you want. So I figured that my great-grandma might recognize that cause it is wheat. Plus I had milk with it, and I knew that she would recognize the milk.

For lunch, I had roti and sabzi. So I thought that she would recognize the sabzi because it has basically potatoes, peas, and carrots. Also then we come back to the .

For dinner, I had some , and since it is rice I figured that she would know what it is.

Towards the snacks, I had an apple, a banana, and an orange. So since they are fruits, I thought that they would know what they are.


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