Regal Leader

Volume 43 - March 5, 2018

A look to the week ahead

I think I am back to "normal." At least as normal as I can be. We enter Holy Week, which culminates at school with our Stations of the Cross prayer service on Good Friday. We have a couple of schedule changes (attached below and shared on Friday) this week. I pray that all of you are able to celebrate this week and upcoming weekend with family and friends.

Monday: Teacher meeting 2nd period, Training facility meeting @ 3:30

Tuesday: Student-parent meeting @ 11, Dentist appt. (just me) @ 1:30, Board of Ed. meeting @ 6:30

Wednesday: No religious celebration - schedule change

Thursday: No afternoon meeting

Friday: Noon dismissal, Stations of the Cross prayer service @ 11:15 - schedule change

Sunday: Senior trip departure

Have a great week!

Senior trip

Don't forget that students and some staff take off for senior trip Sunday night and will be gone the week of April 2. Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers as they travel.

This Week's Morning Prayer

3/26 God of love,

My prayer is simple: Your son, Jesus, suffered and died for me.

I know only that I cannot have real strength unless I rely on you.

I cannot feel protected from my many weaknesses

until I turn to you for forgiveness and your unalterable love.

Help me to share this strength, protection and love with others.

May the Lord bless us, protect us from all evil and bring us to everlasting life.


3/27 God of such unwavering love,

how do I "celebrate" the passion and death of Jesus?

I often want to look the other way and not watch,

not stay with Jesus in his suffering.

Give me the strength to see his love with honesty and compassion

and to feel deeply your own forgiveness and mercy for me.

Help me to understand how to "celebrate" this week.

I want be able to bring my weaknesses and imperfections with me

as I journey with Jesus this week, so aware of his love.

May the Lord bless us, protect us from all evil and bring us to everlasting life.


3/28 My Savior,

do you invite me to share in the glory of the resurrection?

Please stay with me as I struggle to see how accepting the crosses of my life

will free me from the power of the one who wants only

to destroy my love and trust in you.

Help me to be humble and accepting like your son, Jesus.

I want to turn to you with the same trust he had in your love.

Save me, Lord. Only you can save me.

May the Lord bless us, protect us from all evil and bring us to everlasting life.


3/29 Loving Provider,

you gather me in this upper room with your son, to be fed by your love.

At that supper, Jesus told us to "love one another"

and I know that is the heart of his gift, his sacrifice for me.

I ask that I might find the source of my own heart,

the meaning for my own life, in that Eucharist.

Guide me to the fullness of your love and life.

May the Lord bless us, protect us from all evil and bring us to everlasting life.


3/30 My Lord, your son has suffered so much, shed so much blood.

I was born with so many faults and my nature is so full of weakness,

and yet your son Jesus has died on the cross.

For me. I know your grace has the power to cleanse me of my many sins

and to make me more like your Son.

Thank you for your goodness and love for me.

I ask you, Father, to watch over me - always.

May the Lord bless us, protect us from all evil and bring us to everlasting life.


No Wednesday Religious Celebration This Week

No celebration on Wednesday due to Good Friday.

Thursday Afternoon Meeting

No meeting on Thursday afternoon to make up for AliCE training.

Yearlong Reflection Journal

Links to past videos:

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Reflection questions:

Week 3 - Popular culture brings many challenges and pressures to our students. What do you think the Church can bring them to help them deal with all of the outside influences they face? How does Regina do this? Can we do more? How?

Week 4 - What structures or opportunities exist at Regina to help students build a deep sense of community? Can we do more? What?

Week 5 - What kind of balance exists between a Regina student’s intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual lives? Are we happy with the current balance? If so, what can we do to change it?

Week 6 - What practical ways could we incorporate periods of silence into our school day?

Week 7 - Is Jesus the genuine foundation of Regina? In what ways can we improve in making Jesus the foundation of Regina?

Week 8 - Does the sense of Regina achieving its mission ‘depending chief!y on you’ make you feel excited or burdened as a community?

Week 9 - An authentic Catholic school will try to reveal to students the deep truth that they are made in the image of God, that they are loved and that are needed in the world. How effective do you think Regina is at the moment in helping young people know these truths?

Week 9 - It takes courage and effort these days to present Jesus both to the hearts and heads of young people. Do you think your school has the courage to first make Jesus a priority for staff and then proclaim Him to young people in the many opportunities of each day or is Jesus given an occasional mention? What could change and how?

Week 9 - The idea of your subject being a way that students encounter truth can be a paradigm shift. Being totally honest, do you think your school values academic and teaching excellence more in terms of rankings and its appeal to parents or in terms of leading students to truth and Christ? Could both be possible?

Week 10 - What ways currently exist to really encounter the person of Jesus at Regina? What could change or be given more emphasis?

Week 11 - In what ways do you see your school currently developing ‘strong habits of virtue’ in each student that will ‘sustain them in the struggle of life”? What is one thing that could be attempted to strengthen this?

Week 12 - How effectively do you think Regina addresses the spiritual hunger that exists in every young person? Could more be done?

Week 13 - Try and define two or three core elements that truly capture what living the Gospel means.

Week 14 - Do you feel your strengths and expertise are creating a community where love for others is increasing? If not, what could be attempted or done differently?

Week 15 - How could Regina, “...bring warmth and stir hearts.’ through how it understands and uses social communication?

Week 16 - What is your sense of the quality of Regina’s religious education curriculum? Do you think students are given the chance to engage deeply with the Catholic faith on a rigorous level?

Week 17 - If observers spent a week at Regina what would they encounter? What ways exist at Regina for staff to deeply encounter Christ?

Week 18 - John Paul II saw Jesus as the centre of the universe and of history. Would it be fair to say that Christ is the centre of Regina?

Week 19 - Do you think that Regina is currently a place where students, ”...sense their dignity even before they have a definition for it”? What things make this likely or unlikely? What needs to change or what more can be done?

Week 20 - As a staff how do you see the current balance at Regina between a focus on knowledge and outcomes and the bigger picture of human and spiritual formation of staff and students?

Week 21 - How are we meeting the needs of the poor at Regina whether that be financial, relational, social or spiritual? What do we need to do more of? What could we start doing that we are not doing at the moment?

Week 22 - Describe the ‘purpose’ of Regina in a single sentence.

Week 23 - In what ways are we currently bringing the brokenhearted in our Regina community, ‘ for their souls.”? In what ways can we help them encounter Jesus who wants to be closer to them? In what ways are we being the presence of Christ to them? What could we attempt?

Week 24 - What role does tradition play in the life of Regina? What is our most valued school tradition? Could new traditions be started that would create a more vibrant Catholic community?

Week 25 - How can moral courage be lived out as a staff at Regina when it comes to witnessing to the Catholic faith? What would it cost people?

Week 26 - In terms of finding the courage to be a faithful Catholic school that is committed to sharing the Good News what do you think are the biggest fears and obstacles to this courage that need to be faced and overcome at Regina?

Week 27 - As well as the focus on Jesus and the need to value every person, what other basic principles do you feel matter at Regina? What opportunities currently exist at Regina for reflection and self-criticism?

Week 28 - In what ways if any do you think Regina is undertaking missionary work in the lives of young people?