5th Grade News Update

Sept. 30

Important Dates

Friday October 3rd- Math Quiz and Word Study Quiz

Study, Study, Study!!!!


Students are required to read every night for 20 minutes. Reading logs are kept in their reading journals to keep track of their progress. Students are being accessed to determine their reading level using the Fontas and Pinnell system. Every nine weeks, students are required to write 2 book reviews which count as quiz grades. The book reviews are hung in the classroom library for other classmates to view and utilize.


The first unit of writing is narrative writing. We have been working on writing stories about small moments. Students have gained strategies in generating ideas for narratives and adding elements to their stories. At the end of the nine weeks, students will have published 2 pieces of writing.


We have completed our first unit in math on place value. Students have succeeded in taking their first test and making corrections. Our next unit of study will be Powers of 10 and Multiplication/Division. Math fluency will be emphasized using the Math reflex Computer Software.

Word Study

Every week students will be given 10 words from Flocabulary. Quizzes will be given on Fridays.

Unit 6 Words

  • Accomplished
  • Altitudes
  • Avalanche
  • Excavated
  • Guardian
  • Monarch
  • Pastures
  • Resembles
  • Route
  • Summit

Social Studies

We are wrapping up the Reconstruction Unit and I have enjoyed seeing all the projects. Way to go Charlotte and Z'hreamier for turning your projects in on time!!! The TEST is on Friday. Be sure to review the study guide with your child.

Our next unit will focus on Westward Expansion.


Students have enjoyed the Force and Motion unit and we will continue to work in groups on our vehicles.


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