Online Learning Plan: Weeks 8 & 9

High School

WHPS Online Learning Plan

Dear High School Students and Families:

As the reality that school buildings will be closed for the remainder of the year sets in, WHPS is grateful for our partnership with you. The district extends its sincere thanks to parents, family members, staff and administrators that are working every moment to provide students with quality learning experiences in an online environment. Surely, these are challenging times for everyone; we recognize all you do to encourage students to take good care of themselves, remain positive and keep learning.

Objectives for Week 8 & 9

  • to check on the emotional and physical well-being of our students and provide appropriate resources to any student who is in need

  • to provide individualized plans and supports to students who are struggling to engage

  • to encourage students to do their personal best for the remainder of the year

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Is my child's grade in PowerSchool up to date?

Yes - as of May 13 at 3pm, all teachers updated PowerSchool with current grades at that point in time. Parents and students are encouraged to check PowerSchool regularly and to be in contact with teachers if a student is struggling. Teachers are interacting and grading students with the utmost flexibility, understanding, and compassion.

Will the high school make up the School Day SAT that was canceled in March?

Yes. The high schools will hold School Day SAT on Sept. 23 for the current juniors. Students who would like to sign up for a weekend SAT can find the dates here.

Will students take exams in June?

No. Final exams will not be held this year. Students will continue their assignments until the last week of school. Some teachers may assign culminating papers or projects. Such work will be graded and entered into the S2 grade, but not as a separate exam grade.

When is graduation?

Due to current health restrictions, the traditional graduation scheduled for June 15 will not be held. The graduation committee is exploring options to ensure that students in the class of 2020 have a special event to celebrate their high school graduation.

What is the last day of school?

June 18 is the last day of school for freshman, sophomores, and juniors.

My child is struggling to keep up, what should I do?

Get in contact with the child's school counselor and teachers. Teachers are flexible, compassionate and understanding. As teachers seek to serve the best interests of students, they will work with your child to find a way to move forward.

My child signed up or wants to sign up for summer school; will WHPS offer summer school?

WHPS will host an online summer school program. There are two summer sessions with classes beginning 6/22 and running through 7/10 (Session I) and 7/13 through 7/30 (Session II). The daily schedule will feature a blend of live teaching, asynchronous learning, and student small group collaborative time. For more information, visit the summer school page.

What is happening with AP exams?

AP Exams are underway online. This week, students took exams in 15 subject areas. Week 2 of AP Exams are scheduled for next week. Here is a link to the complete schedule. Those interested in seeing a video tour of how the exams are delivered can visit this site.

Every student should read and keep a printed copy of the 2020 AP Exam Day Checklist with them during their exam. This document was sent by US mail to each student enrolled in a AP courses.

Will students get the traditional letter grade at the end of S2?

Students will earn letter grades during S2. If a student, in consultation with their family, would prefer a Pass/Fail (P/F) option in any class, the student can elect that option. This information will be available to families through an e-doc next week.

Are teachers teaching during Class Meetings on Google Meets?

Yes. Students are expected to attend all Class Meetings unless they have a family obligation or are ill. In the case a student may need to miss a class, the student should contact the teacher in advance.

What are other ways teachers use to engage students?

Teachers continue to find new tools and ways to engage students' hearts and minds during this time. The use of journaling, group projects, collaboration through Google Docs and new technology tools are increasing each day. Here are some tools teachers are learning to use.

  • Kami- A leading digital classroom app for Chrome, Kami allows students to take any existing document, including scanned PDFs, and write, draw, type, annotate, comment, augment, enhance, and otherwise bring it to life – all within your browser.

  • Adobe Spark- is an easy-to-use online tool that allows students and teachers to create quality graphics, short videos and impressive single-page web stories.

How is WHPS supporting students with IEPs and 504 plans?

WHPS is providing multiple supports to students who have IEP and 504 plans. These include:

  • Untimed assignments with flexible due dates. Students with IEPs will work with their special educator and teacher to determine appropriate flexibilities.

  • All assignments posted in Google Classroom will include accommodations for students with IEPs and 504 plans. In addition, digital tools to support access to instructional materials are posted above.

  • Content Support classes, those classes that provide students with additional targeted instruction, hold Classroom Meetings as all other classes do. Students can check in with their special educator for support in meeting their goals.

  • Special Educators will use afternoons and Wednesdays for small group work and individual check-ins.

  • Special Educators will have access to their co-teacher's Google Classroom to review assignments and be prepared to support students.

  • Special Educators and 504 case managers have created individual learning plans to outline individualized instruction in support of each student's individual goals.

  • School Counselors will check in with their students with a 504 plan during the afternoon or on Wednesday to determine their needs. Students whose 504 plan includes direct related services (e.g. speech and language, counselor or clinician check-ins, etc.) will have an individualized learning plan sent home that outlines how and when services are provided.

Special Educators of students in Intensive Academic classes will email families directly with plans for continued learning.

Thank you for your partnership.