Club Connections

Concordia University, Irvine

Hello Presidents!

Hello presidents. I hope you enjoy this most recent newsletter as it will be filled with updates as well as some exciting news! As we go through this week and the month leading up to Winter Break, keep this thought in mind.

"Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."

- Carl Bard

Have a wonderful week!

-Ania Washington


Club Corner!

As many of you know, the Eagle Lounge finally opened last week. This is good news for everyone, and is especially beneficial for you as club presidents. This is because Clubs and Orgs now has our very own Club Corner. Directly above the microwave in the lounge is a dry erase board on which clubs can advertise upcoming events. Hopefully this helps you all gain new commuter members in your club!

Petty Cash

Something that is very exciting for clubs on campus is the new Petty Cash system. Now, if you buy something that is $50 or less for your club, you can take the receipt to Brianna Springer and get cash, instead of waiting for 2 weeks for a check. Make sure you email Brianna beforehand, that way she knows when you will be coming in. If the reimbursement is more than $50 you still have to take the receipt to Scott Esswein, ASCUI Treasurer, for a check reimbursement. Hopefully this makes your life easier!

Involvement Fair and Presidents Meeting

Can you believe it's all happening again!

Next week is the next Presidents Meeting (11/14 @ 8pm) which will once again be followed by the Senior Preview Day Involvement Fair on Friday (11/15 from 1130-130).

Please make sure you attend these things as they will be helpful to you as presidents and the student body. This involvement fair will be starting later than last month, but please have your table setup by 1130. Thanks so much!