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January 17, 2022

Important Dates

January 18 Hippy Club's first meeting during lunch

January 18 ThinkWorks classes begin

January 18 Site Council Meeting, Virtual, 3-4 PM

January 20 Community Event: Cyber Safety Presentation for Parents (see PTA)

January 21 Report Cards go home

January 25 Minimum Day - Staff Development Day

January 26 PTA Principal Chat, Virtual, 6:30 PM

January 26 Prism Club Meeting during lunch

January 27 PTA General Association Meeting, 8:30-9:00 AM, Amphitheater

January 31 Construction Completed

February 1 Dine & Donate - Gott's in Walnut Creek

February 2 Run Club Resumes, 7:25 AM, Bottom Black-Top

February 4-13 Give Back - Sloat Garden Center

February 7-11 Words Matter Week

February 9 Prism Club Meeting during lunch

February 21 President's Day Holiday - No School

February 22 Staff Development Day - No School

February 23 Prism Club Meeting during lunch

February 28-March 4 Book Fair

March 7-15 Online Silent Auction Opens

May 21 Bocce, Bubbles, and BBQ!

January Bell Schedule

2021-22 REVISED BOD Approved 11/16 SRVUSD Instructional Calendar

2021-22 Bell Schedules

Dear Alamo Families,

We are so pleased to have you back as students and staff are glad to return! Student absences, teacher shortages, and high Covid rates marked our first week at school, but we will get through this! Thank you so much for your continued support and partnership. Please read the section on All Things Covid-Related to help you with new guidelines, ever-changing protocols, and positive cases.

Due to COVID, there is a substitute shortage, and we would love your help! Please consider signing up to be a substitute if you have the correct qualifications: SRVUSD substitute as you can choose to only work at Alamo.

As we return to routines, please help your child remember to bring homework, lunch (when not having a hot lunch), a water bottle, and their musical instrument (for upper grades). Please avoid being tardy to school by ensuring your child has everything together the night before.

Our Lost and Found cabinet is brimming with unidentified jackets, coats, shirts, and water bottles! Please check it when possible. Label all of your child's belongings with their name.

We are excited that our modular classrooms construction will be completed by January 31! We begin relocating Science and Resource back to their classrooms that week. Our library will reopen for our students soon.

We are always looking for ways to streamline our drop-off procedure. From January 18-21, we will try a trial run of dropping students off in front of the school. Your cooperation is much needed to make this successful. Please see below for details.

Happy 2022!

With gratitude and appreciation,

Principal Salazar

Martin Luther King, Jr.

We celebrate and honor Martin Luther King, Jr. on January 17. He is known for his contributions to the American civil rights movement in the 1960s. His most famous work is his “I Have a Dream” speech, delivered in 1963, in which he spoke of his dream of a United States that is void of segregation and racism.

Trial Run of Drop-Off Procedure, January 18-21

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Drop-Off Procedure effective January 18-21

  • Have your child ready before entering the lot: backpack ready, mask on, shoes on, say your good-byes.
  • Enter the right lane. The left lane is for cars parking.
  • Please do not drop off before Cone 5 as it will delay the movement of the line. Please wait until the person on duty directs you to drive forward.
  • Do not leave the carpool lane until you pass Cone 1 to avoid collisions.
  • Watch out for walkers at the crosswalk near Cone 4.

Your cooperation is much needed to make this successful! Thank you!

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Welcome back from break and I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season! Additionally, I hope you were able to do something fun with your family to help make some great memories. It may take some time for your student to get readjusted to being back in the school routine. When you pick up your child each day from school, here are some questions you can ask to help create a dialog between you both instead of getting one word answers like, “Good,” when you ask how the student’s day was: 10 Questions to Ask Your Student:

  1. Tell me about the best part of your day.

  2. What was the hardest thing you had to do today?

  3. Did any of your classmates do anything funny?

  4. Tell me about what you read in class.

  5. Who did you play with today? What did you play?

  6. Do you think Math (or any subject) is too easy or hard for you?

  7. What’s the biggest difference between this year and last year?

  8. What rules are different at school than our rules at home? Do you think they’re fair?

  9. Who did you sit with at lunch?

  10. Can you show me something you learned (or did) today?

-Christina Byers



Email all the following people to keep everyone informed and to expedite helping you and your child:

If you leave a voicemail message on our attendance line, please follow it up with an email.


COVID symptoms chart.

COVID guidelines for students.


Email Bonnie Brors (

Please visit the District Website for more information.


  • EMAIL a picture of the results to Bonnie Brors (
  • On the test, write the name of your child, date and time of the test.


Students will receive an Independent Study Contract:

  • If they have tested positive for COVID

  • If a student is an unvaccinated close contact and must/will quarantine

  • If a student is absent with symptoms and does not return to school by Day 3

When is a contract processed?

  • Immediately IF the student has tested positive or if they are quarantining for at least 3 days because of close contact or symptoms
Why do we need a contract?

It is in the best interest of their child. The process is in place to be sure that the student stays connected to their learning and school community while they are in quarantine. Additionally, the state has instituted legislation requiring districts to offer a contract. The family can decline the contract.


Use this COVID-19 Documentation Form.


The latest contact tracing protocol is GROUP TRACING. Please see the district's communication from Friday. January 14.

On-site testing will be offered to all close contact students with parent permission. Students without any symptoms who have been identified as “close contacts” through a school exposure will have the opportunity to receive a COVID Antigen (rapid) test at their school location. Testing will occur during the school day, enabling our students to minimize time away from their classes. Students must pre-register and have a signed Universal Consent Form with Global Viral Pass (GVP) in order to participate in COVID testing at their school.


Visit our District Website for COVID-19 Testing Information


Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful break. I feel so fortunate that Alamo School and SRVUSD are open despite the challenges surrounding us and neighboring districts with Omicron and the staffing issues it is causing. A huge kudos to the District and Alamo staff for their proactive and evolving response so we can keep our kids in school.

Please join us for the following PTA-sponsored events:

Principal Chat, January 26 @ 6:30 pm via Zoom. We will discuss changing COVID protocols, construction updates, and exciting news for the library. Pre Registration is required HERE.

General Association Meeting, Thursday, January 27 after drop off in the Amphitheater. We will bring you up to speed on what the PTA has planned for the rest of the school year and approve this year’s nominating committee. The purpose of the nominating committee is to recognize and seek qualified nominees for the elected leadership of the PTA. Would you like to be a part of the nominating committee? Email our parliamentarian, Tori DeCoitte

We are actively looking for volunteers to join the PTA and help bring the fun to Alamo School! We need Hoedown event committee volunteers, book fair volunteers, Words Matter Week volunteers and more. And if you think this is only for people who don’t work, think again! Most of the PTA Board members are working parents. Interested? Email

Run Clubbers! Run Club will return February 2, 2022. Thank you to Lisa Taylor for keeping our kids running!

Community Event: Cyber Safety Presentation for Parents- Thursday, January 20. Learn more here:

And finally, you can view the California State PTA response to the California Governor's Budget Proposal HERE. If you are interested in reading about Covid specifically as it relates to children, I found this article in the New York Times to be a worthy read.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Michelle Petersen and Nicole Rocca
Alamo Elementary PTA

Education Fund

Happy New Year and welcome back to school! We are excited for all that 2022 has to offer including our next session of ThinkWorks starting this month, the Online Silent Auction in March and the Live Auction, Bocce, Bubbles, and BBQ in May! All of these events (and more!) help to fund our programs and personnel at school. Thanks to your dedication and donations, we have two new part-time paras starting on campus this month, and the students continue to enjoy art and music instruction.

Despite 2022 just beginning, we are also working on our budget for the fall and lining up volunteers! If you have interest in volunteering, we have immediate openings to assist with planning ThinkWorks, to manage our retail programs and to serve as Parliamentarian. These positions have various levels of time commitment required - please email if you would like additional information. Serving on the board is a great way to help the school and your student(s), get a behind-the-scenes look at how decisions are made, and meet other dedicated and involved parents at Alamo! Coming soon we will post a google form to gauge interest in our open positions for the fall. Any and all volunteers are welcome!

Dine and Donate: Save the date! Our next restaurant giveback is at Gott’s in Walnut Creek on 2/1. No code or flyer needed-just order your food and 10% of the entire day’s sales will be donated to Alamo School.

Retail information: Our Sloat Garden Center Growing Up Green December earnings were $20! Mention Alamo School at any Sloat Garden Center from Feb 4-13 and we will receive 10% back to use for our school garden areas and flowerpots. Please see this flyer for additional giveback weeks in 2022.

Minted: We will soon receive $277.55 from Minted! Thanks to all who ordered and used our promo code, FUNDRAISEALAMO. This code is available for use all year long to enjoy 20% off your order and give back 15% to Alamo!

Flipgive: Start any online shopping trip at the click-through site FlipGive and a percentage of your purchase will come back to the school. These funds add up quickly with no additional work needed from you. We are soon going to cash out our $741 balance and will continue to earn on all of your gift card and online purchases. Check it out if you have not already-every little bit helps!

Sports Basement: Are you a Basementeer? If you shop at Sports Basement and join their Basementeer program, you receive 10% off your order and 10% goes back to the charity of your choice. Select “Alamo Elementary-Alamo-SRVEF” to benefit the Alamo Education Fund! We received a check for $2,193 for last year’s sales-way to go!

Your Ed Fund Dollars at Work: We are busy taking photos of many of our staff members who are supported by your donations to the Ed Fund. Since parent access to campus is still quite limited, many of these individuals’ efforts are not as visible as in the past, but they are working harder than ever! This week we are highlighting Mrs. Bennett.

Lauren Cymerys
Ed Fund President

Ed Fund Dollars at Work

Mrs. Bennet

Mrs. Bennett has many duties on campus, but most adults will recognize her from her time in the carpool line calling names and getting students into cars at the end of the day. She is Alamo’s Primary Intervention Specialist, implementing and managing the Rainbow Program objectives, lunchtime recess supervisor and ELPAC Coordinator and Examiner (English Language Proficiency Assessment of California). During lunch and recess, she can be found mediating playground disputes, dismissing students to class, rounding up equipment, tying shoes and making sure all are playing safely. In her role with the Rainbow Program, she interacts with individual and small groups of students for the purpose of improving school adjustment, developing social skills, managing emotions, fostering learning, and successfully participating in school program processes. She wears many hats on campus and we are so fortunate to have her helping our students!

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Hippy Club

There's a new club on campus! Quinn and Sophia came up with the idea, and Owen wanted to help launch it. 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders are invited to join. The Hippy Club is a student-run club that drives environmental projects on campus and promotes environmental awareness and education. Meetings are twice a month on Tuesdays during lunch, with the first one on January 18.
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4th Graders - Alamo Garden Beautification Project

Our fourth-grade students spent a cold Saturday morning planting, tidying up, and raking old leaves. Thank you for making our garden beautiful!

ThinkWorks Classes

Get ready for another round of Thinkworks in-person, after school enrichment classes! There are a variety of options on all days of the week and tailored to the school calendar (see below for a sneak peek of class descriptions). Classes run from January 18 through April 1. Classes will fill up quickly, so be sure to register on Monday.


YOGA (K-2): 8 classes designed especially to help kids cultivate a calm mind and improve strength, flexibility, motor skills, and concentration.

SEWING (1st-5th): 9 fun classes where children learn to use a needle and thread and work with patterns to sew their own pieces by hand.

SNAPOLOGY LEGO CLASS (1st-5th): 9 Star Wars themed class designed to develop STEAM skills.


COOKING 'ROUND THE WORLD (K-2): 8 classes where children will prepare recipes and learn about culture, tastes, and celebrations from different countries each week. (Classes run from 2:35 until 4 PM)

MONEY MATTERS (1st-5th): Your child will build financial literacy over 8 classes and learn about budgeting and saving in a fun and engaging class.

CHESS (1st-5th): High quality individual and group instruction and supervised play over 8 classes.


YOGA (3rd-5th): 9 classes designed especially to help kids cultivate a calm mind and improve strength, flexibility, motor skills, and concentration.

SPANISH (1st-5th): Children will learn Spanish language and become familiar with cultural elements of Spanish-speaking countries over 10 classes.

CHESS (1st-5th): High quality individual and group instruction and supervised play over 10 classes.


ART WITH MS. FETTIG (1st-5th): Explore using different media and methods to create masterpieces with Ms. Fettig over 8 classes!

CODING: (1st-5th): Learn block-based programming in Scratch over 10 classes.


COOKING 'ROUND THE WORLD (3rd-5th): 9 classes where children will prepare recipes and learn about culture, tastes, and celebrations from different countries each week. (Classes run from 2:35 until 4 PM)

School Site Council

Next Meeting - January 18, 2022, 3:00-4:00, Virtual Meeting Link


Upcoming Religious Observances

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SRVUSD Board Of Education

Board meetings are typically held twice each month on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. Meetings are held at the SRVUSD Education Center located at 699 Old Orchard Drive in Danville. All meetings are open to the public. Board Meetings are live-streamed on the District's YouTube channel: SRVUSD Board

Board Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Audio & Video)

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