Hello Prep & Grade 1!

From your teachers Ms Ellen & Ms Amirah

Dear Students,

Welcome everyone! My name is Ms. Ellen and I will be your teacher for this school year. I have been at IIS for 5 glorious years and I still love working here with all of my wonderful students year after year. During Term 1 we will be sharing some wonderful books, stories and songs as well as playing some great math games.

You will all shine bright in our classroom and I can't wait for you all to arrive on Monday 25th January.


Ms. Ellen

Hi! My name is Ms Amirah and I am ready to share a fun and exciting year with you all. One of my favorite subjects is Art and from a very young age I would paint whenever I had spare time. Ms Ellen and I have prepared some fabulous art activities for the class and I cannot wait to take you on a creative journey through "the world of art." Get prepared to create some marvelous masterpieces.

See you soon!

Ms Amirah