Want a cool experience ?

Host An International Exchange student!

You pick the country and the student!

Our students come from all over the world: France, Germany, Belgium, Mongolia, Mexico, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Lebanon, nearly any place you can think of! You get to pick the student you want to live with you! All students come with their own pocket money and health insurance. All they need is 3 meals a day and a bed. Can you open your home and make an international friend for life?
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Cloe from France and her host brother, Liam!

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Chris from Denmark (left) and his host brother and sister!

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Take your new friend to prom, homecoming and let them experience all the fun American teens get to have!

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How to get hooked up to this fantastic experience!

Call Alison Luciana at 203-815-5881 or email: alison@world-heritage.org

or call your local rep: Filadelfia Soto at: 434-227-6270 or email filadelfiasoto@gmail.com

find out more information online at http://www.world-heritage.org

Have your parents fill out an application form to host:

Please click on the link below for the Full Application to host a student: