Priceless Learning

Mrs. Price's First Grade

December 7, 2015

  • I hope your first grader is enjoying this week's home practice! It is due on December 14th.

  • Report Cards go home on December 15th.

  • Festival of Lights takes place in our classroom on December 16th and 17th at 2:00 pm. Feel free to stop by even if you are unable to help run a station. More the Merrier!

  • On December 18th we will be watching The Polar Express. Students may wear their PJs!

  • Our new star student of the week will be picked after winter break!

Hope you had a great weekend!!

-Kate Price

Glimpses of PRICEless Learning

Not sure if you have heard the exciting news yet, but we have a little visitor from the North Pole! His name is Bob and not only has he brought so much magic and excitement to our classroom but he has also brought so many activities for us to do!
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