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What do you think of when you hear the words colosseum . The colosseum has a lot of color and is very large. You will be learning about how large it is,how many animals they used,and how long it took to make it.

How many games and anmals

In all they had 100 game at the colosseum The area beneath the Colosseum was called the Hypogeum (meaning underground).

network of tunnels and 32 animal pens. It had 80 vertical shafts .

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    During the inauguration of the Colosseum over 9,000 animals were killed. Not all the animals were ferocious, though most were. Animals that appeared in the venatio included lions, elephants, bears, tigers deer, wild goats, dogs, and rabbits.

How large

The colosseum was not only Ancient Rome's largest amphitheater it was a slaughterhouse . For 450 years after its completion in A.D.80 the Colosseum .

How big it was

In the 1990s when the colosseum was built it was 620 by 513 feet (190 by 155 meters). When they had finished building, it was the largest building in the world. After nearly a decade of construction–a relatively quick time period for a project of such a grand scale.