The Perfect Apple

Genetically Modifying Fruits

What is Genetically Modified Fruit?

Genetically Modified Fruits are fruits that have had a specific change introduced to their DNA through the use genetic engineering techniques. This is opposed to to mutagensis, where a fruit is bred using radiation or chemicals to create a non-specific change or selective breeding.

They are genetically altered for 2 major reasons, resistant to disease or commercial desirability. While many fruits and other crops are altered give immunity to disease that threaten their future and the business. Others are altered to enhance growth or speed of growth, increase shelf life, or size and bruising.

What does Spiderman and the 'Perfect Apple' have in common?

They both have undergone a change in their genetic and DNA, a MUTATION has occurred within their DNA. While Peter Parker got the ability to climb walls and incredible strength, the 'Perfect Apple' well doesn't bruise. So, while their is stark difference in the affects in which the mutation has on the organisms both underwent a Genetic Mutation.

When fruit is genetically engineered to show certain traits or not show them, they have now got a mutation in their genetic makeup however do to the methods use, the changes are not random like that is Mutagensis but selective and carefully chosen to enhance the fruits in some way.

No bodies Perfect, so keeping working it....

The 'Perfect Apple' is not perfect however...

Genetically Modified Fruit is heavily regulated with many people and organisation worried about the affects of the fruit on humans.

Although there have been no known incidents of illness due to Genetically Modified Fruit, and companies support this their is still rigorous inspection of the goods in ensure it is safe and that their is no contamination that will effect humans.

Suppliers are concern that through labeling the food it promotes the idea that Genetically Modified is potentially dangerous. Activist however believe informing customers is highly important so they know the risk and what they are purchasing.

Genetically Modified Foods