Junie B. Jones Censorship

Margot Naff and Natalie Womack

Why was Junie Challenged??

Junie B. Jones was first challenged because of her attitude, bad grammar and spelling, and inappropriate language for kids. She often says “bestest” and “runned” and other words that aren’t correct. She also calls her baby brother stupid, and she talks back to her teachers and parents. She is also caught cheating on one of her tests.

About the Censorship

First Challenge

Junie B. Jones was first challenged in 2006 in Wake County. The school system had complaints from parents. It was first officially banned in 2007, and soon after more school systems and public libraries banned Junie B. Jones.

Form of Censorship

The book was challenged first, but it was officially banned about a year later. It was challenged in Wake County first by angry parents, and banned after that. Soon after, more parents, schools, and libraries banned the Junie B. Jones series, although many places still allow kids to read the series.

Is the Censorship Still Taking Place?

Yes, in some places, Junie B. Jones continues to be banned. Most schools and libraries allow the series. It is mostly parents that don’t let their kids read the books.

What Was Done to Fight the Censorship?

A few parents complained to teachers, but not much was done other than that It was mostly parents that caused the censorship. Very few parents really tried to fight it because they either agreed with it, or they just didn’t care.

The Results

Because not much was done to fight the censorship, nothing was done. Junie B. Jones is still banned in some places, but a few areas have released the ban. A lot of parents still agree the Junie B. Jones is a bad influence.