Global Climate Change

is it true or false?


Global warming begin when icebergs began to melt and the warm seasons got warmer and cold seasons got shorter. Scientist think that greenhouse gasses and burning coals cause global warming. on the other hand they think its humans. In 1930's many thought global climate change was just a natural cycle.


1. burning coals

2. Transportation

3. greenhouse gasses like water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, ozone, cfcs



1. ocean rise

2. animals will go existent

3. its bad on humans health

4.melting ice age

5.intense heat waves

6. forest fires

7. change in biomes

8. loss of freshwater


conserve energy

cut down less trees

use solar panels for electricity


find an alternate transportation that doesn't use gas


buy locally

make ecological footprint smaller

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