Gisselle Liborio 05/13/16

Background Information

Major Cities - Banner Elk, Beech Mountain, and a portion of Boone,

Counties- Watauga and Avory

Headwaters and tributaries of Elk and Watauga rivers.

It empties in Gulf of Mexico via Mississippi River,

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- 279 Miles of streams and rivers

- 205 Square Miles

- 25,329 Residents ( 2010 U.S Census )

Animal / Plant Species

River Basin Characteristics & Concerns

- Includes 19 miles of state-designated Outstanding Resource Waters along Boone's Fork Creek that receive extra protection due to excellent water quality and exceptional ecological and recreational resources.

- Watauga River Basin is being built on and affected by many things that people are doing to it. It has very clean water and people have made many things to raise money like grants to help protect the basin or prevent it from being polluted like other places. It's being done by the Watauga Resource Team and other people.


Only 5% of water is said to be contaminated
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