Wanted- Old Smartphones!

Donate your old smartphone to be used in classrooms.

Have an old smartphone laying around? Put it to good use!

We can use smartphones to connect to the GPISD Wi-fi on campus and use them in our classrooms to access the internet. It's even better than having students use their own phones since they can't use them to text.

Don't forget to send the charger too!

Make sure you terminate your service!

You don't want a bill showing up after the phone is no longer in your possession, especially if someone starts using it! Talk to your service provider about terminating your account or setting up your account with your new phone. Erase the memory and stored data. This is very easy to do. There are number of tutorials online or you can use Phone Data Eraser!

You may keep your SIM card. This is not a bad idea.

Donate them in the office or library. Thank you for your donation and be sure to spread the word!