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Explore Job Opportunities in Agricultural Supply Businesses

The midwest area is losing jobs and opportunities as fast as the rest of the country. Manufacturing plants, assembly factories, and retail stores are closing at an alarming rate. However, a leading company that specializes in supplying sprayer parts, pumps, accessories, and equipment to growers and fertilizes and chemical retailers is seeking applicants for several positions throughout the Midwest. Physical locations are in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Illinois. A website is also maintained by the company for convenience.

Positions Available

Career opportunities include vacancies in:

Inside sales


Shipping and receiving


Outside sales

Details and applications for positions are on the website at https://www.fertilizerdealer.com and can be emailed or faxed along with resumes. The biggest concern when people apply for jobs these days is how long the job will last. There are never any guarantees, but the company has been a leader in the industry since 1967 and provides exceptional customer service. There are no plans to close in the foreseeable future.


The company, Fertilizer Dealer Supply, features extensive inventory, new and used equipment, and highly trained staff at each location and online. Selection assistance, answers to questions, recommendations, and explanations of new products are expected of staff in all positions. Training of new employees reflects that expectation to keep loyal customers satisfied and to attract new customers. No one is put on the floor or set up to answer telephones without proper training.

Leading Product Lines

Inventory is organized by categories and sub-categories, so customers can find what is needed easily and quickly. From spray tips, of which there are five types, to tanks and electronic systems, products are offered by leading manufacturers, such as Willmar, TeeJet, Chandler, and Banjo. Job seekers may want to browse the website to become familiar with general products and equipment for an edge should an interview be scheduled.

The website is organized in a similar fashion so customers will know exactly where to find their favorite products every time they visit https://www.fertilizerdealer.com. Due to the extensive inventory, most items are shipped out the same day they are ordered for fast delivery.