Abortion Ministry

by: Elyssa DiRienzo


Dr. Parker is the few doctors remaining in Mississippi who still perform abortions. Mississippi is the state with the toughest abortion laws, and regulations employ scare tactics, misinformation, emotional ultimatums and tedious hoops to jump through to get the procedure done. Dr. Parker is deemed as an evil man due to his career choice. However, with an interview shows that he has a sweet-hearted care for women's health, both physiologically and emotionally. He is Christian, and views his work as God's work.

Observations about the article:

-Religion provides a stereotypical base for expectations a beliefs

-Requirements for abortion (education for patients; warnings) are excessive than other, riskier procedures. Scare tactics are often used, right or wrong.

-Doctors are forced to give claims that are not supported by science.

Questions formed:

-What made the claim of increased chance of breast cancer so widespread?

-Why do are the regulations backed by emotion rather than solid scientific evidence?

-why is the health of the mother so often disregarded?

Learned Facts;

-Christian beliefs are varied, and often, controversial to fellow Christians.

-Fear and misinformation cause biased viewpoints and needless fear.

-He wishes more women had righteous indignation instead of shame.


The viewpoint of a Christian abortion provider is seems like an oxymoron. But instead a deep, profound care for women's welfare shows through. Opposition towards abortion is fueled by emotion, religion and utterly, distraction towards the mother's well-being and situation.
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