Making Lessons Engaging!

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Making Lesson Objectives visible. Linking back to Lesson Objectives in the lesson. Using AfL strategies e.g. miniboards, thumbs up & down, traffic light system.Incorporating CoL, group work and ICT.

Experience and Learning

Questioning by Teacher and students. Peer tutoring by faster students. Checking for understanding when facilitating group work. Clarity in instructions supported by example.


Reinforcing classroom norms for your dfferent type of pedagogy. Good eye contact and proximity with students. Praising behaviour and thinking.

Assessment (AfL anchors on student-centredness)

Checking for understanding happens throughout lesson not just at the end. Making criteria for success or key learning points visible. Involving student peer and self assessment.
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Aiming Higher_Bloom and Vygotsky In the Classroom
Assessment for learning

Mdm Lee Li Lian

You could engage students through flipped lessons and  open ICT tools e.g. Glogster, Edcanvas, Edmodo and Smore!

Ms Grace Tang

Reflection of teachers is important as it involves thinking about what we do why we do and the impact on the students learning in class. 

Ms Usha Wassan

Visible thinking and visible learning should be made more visible through displaying students works and thought processes; through questioning by teachers and students in classrooms.

Ms Siti Hajar

Setting standardised routines not only helps teachers in managing students in the classroom. It allows teachers to be able to be more confident in exploring other strategies in the classroom for engaged learning.