the RAH (Spring Break Edition)

March 11-22, 2019

from J & Mike-

Math ICs

A reminder- Math ICs are slated for 4th qtr/ EOY growth concerning the effectiveness of our math instruction. We are fully aware of the how busy 4th quarter is with the addition of a full slate of assessments. While you are welcome to pursue a full IC check, we are willing to concede a partial IC. If you choose a partial IC, we suggest you determine which components are most critical to hone in on, with a minimum of at least three components.


Thank you for your willingness to contact with Missouri Representatives and Senators concerning current bills that are not good. We fully expect them to take another run at it next week prior to them going on their legislative spring break. They have the right to bring up to vote at a moment's notice. As you are still on contract on Monday and Tuesday, we are going to ask you to engage again. I'll send out a reminder on Monday concerning this.

Elementary Data

Last month you spent some time updating your data digs, and we want to share what we are looking like as an elementary division. Attached to the RAH email you will find a Culture & Climate dig that compares BOY and MOY to the EOY18. There are some HUGE celebrations - kudos and kudos again!

The other attachment is the Academic iReady dig. This one is set up a little different; it compares this current MOY to EOY18, and the increase needed in literacy and math (status & growth) for EOY19 to be greater than EOY18. Again, fantastic celebrations - especially in how close our students are in to the growth goals!

Your leadership, influence and focus making the positive impact we have been working toward. Within the fantastic celebrations lie the challenge to finish strong, and reset the EOY benchmark at a higher level for the 2019-20 school year.

Please ensure you take a few days to recharge and come back ready to be who your staff, community and students need!

4 Things Leaders Should Do to Finish the Year Strong

This may spark an idea or two to finish strong!

Teaching Students to Read Metacognitively

A mini-lesson and anchor chart for showing early elementary students how to monitor their comprehension as they read.